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Innovative Advisory Group

Wealth Management Bridging the Gap between
Traditional and Non Traditional Investing

NUA Advisors originated from the idea that wealth management should be innovative, to go beyond and improve on the traditional format by encompassing non-traditional ideas. This brings a more sophisticated, comprehensive, and holistic approach to wealth management for both our clients and their families. 

NUA Advisors is a full service wealth management firm with offices in Lexington, MA and New Jersey. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions, specializing in: Innovative Portfolio Management, Risk Management Assessments, Financial Planning, Strategic Consulting, and most importantly, Personal Relationships with our Clients. Our ability to comprehensively manage both Traditional and Non-Traditional or Alternative Investments sets us apart as a wealth management firm.

Our specialized platform, which is unique to NUA, encompasses the management of both Traditional Investments (stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and Non-Traditional or Alternative Investments (real estate, tax liens, private lending, medical equipment, horses, physical precious metals (such as gold and silver), farmland,  private equity and businesses or franchises). This platform allows our clients to use their Self Directed Retirement Account (IRA, Roth IRA, Solo(k), SEP IRA) to integrate both traditional and non-traditional investments into their retirement planning process. We use our client-centric approach to tailor customized investment solutions for each client. The result is a portfolio with a lower correlation of assets, which helps minimize portfolio risk and providing more consistent returns.


Our Core Beliefs:


A Personal and Fiduciary Responsibility to always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own -
Strong Risk Management - Complete Transparency - Fee-only (no commissions) Advisory Service 
 Customized Innovative Wealth Solutions for each client



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